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A year to go…

Yesterday marked exactly one year until our wedding. That also means that we have been planning our wedding for almost a year which seems absolutely crazy however a lot has been planned and completed which makes me very happy! Everybody who knows me personally knows that I have been planning my dream wedding for years however I always knew that I wanted a long engagement so that I had a lot of time to plan the wedding to be perfect.

However, a long engagement has it’s pros and cons especially when your friends are getting married before you, you go to their wedding and then desperately want to get married and still have over a year to wait! The pros however is that I was able to choose the date, suppliers and venue of our choice and of course be able to enjoy being engaged for a lot longer.

We still have a fair few things to confirm and book but the majority of the bigger items are sorted (dress, venue, flowers etc). There has been a few times where I have doubted my choices but I know that at the time I fell in love with those choices and I still am once I see them again but it is scary.

What I didn’t consider is getting married at a venue that is a 5 hour drive from our house is fairly stressful. In the past year I have been there twice, the first time when we fell in love and booked in. The second was last weekend to show my Dad around as he hadn’t seen it to that point (I also met my florist there to discuss flowers). It’s an absolutely stunning place and it made me super excited to get married there next year. We have a lot to sort out and do down there so it is certainly going to be interesting all the drives down.

I’m not the first in my friendship group to get married, as I said previously my gorgeous friend Lois got married back in April at Coombe Lodge near Bristol and it was beautiful. A stunning venue, dress, flowers and everything! It was an amazing day and gave me a surge in my wedding planning so I have to say that was useful!

I think it’s only right that I dedicate this last paragraph to my husband to be Alexander. We have been together over 4 years now and every day I find something else to love about you. You know me so well now and can instantly tell how I’m feeling and how to make me feel better! I can’t wait till I say ‘I Do’ and am able to spend the rest of my life with you!


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  • Reply Angela Muir

    We are looking forward to your wedding also with just about the same amount of planning going into our trip to attend it lol

    6th August 2017 at 04:29
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